Pricing Packages

Holistic bootcamp sessions are fun, unique and focus on both the body and the mind.

How does Holistic Bootcamp Help You

Balance Body & Mind

Creating harmony between mind and body creates flow and peace.

Healthy Daily Life

Make movement a daily habit for health and longevity.

Nutrition Strategies

To boost the power of exercise, good nutrition is imperative.

Workout Routines

Every session is unique and different to keep you interested.

Physical Activity

Exercise is the best medication for depression and anxiety.

Eating Well

End the confusion of what to eat and when with nutrition programs.

Fitness & Performance

Injury prevention and performance through neuroscience and exercise.

Improving Health

In the end, our health is what matters most.

  • Casual Bootcamper

  • $18

    Per Session
    • Purchase in 10 x session bundles
    • Use Anytime
    • Cash or Transfer
    • Non-transferable
    • Conditions apply re nutrition challenges
  • Dedicated Bootcamper

  • $15

    Per Session
    • Choose 1, 2 or 3 sessions per week
    • Fortnightly payments
    • Direct Debit
    • No minimum contracts
    • Includes nutrition challenges
    • Best value for money
  • Drop In Bootcamper

  • $22

    Per Session
    • One session only
    • Use Anytime
    • Must check availability first
    • Cash or transfer
    • Does not include nutrition challenges